From Struggling, to Sustainable Parent.

👋🏼Hi! I’m Flora. If we haven’t met yet – I want to tell you how I was MASIVELY drowning as a mama. 😩I felt trapped inside my gentle parenting values, because I was missing a big part of the equation.

I was “should’-ing on myself all the time, about how much I need to be putting my child’s feelings 1st. But really I was putting them on a pedestal.

My hands felt tied, in terms of how to have better boundaries, without crushing his spirit. Parenting advice out there seemed to make discipline really taboo – like it means you are trying to control or manipulate your child.

But I was drowning, trying to be more patient.
I felt emotional often, on the roller-coaster of his emotional outbursts.

I wanted to feel more control – over myself, and of these outbursts, but in a loving, gentle way.

🤔I spent nights asking myself,

🤔“What’s the missing piece?”

I spent 3 1/2 years diving deep into professional education, trial-and-error as a stay-at-home mom, and hours of studying and learning, before I found what I now stand firmly on each day.

⭐️The secret – for me – was having the tangible tools and strategies to balance kindness and firmness at the SAME time. 💪🏼❤️❤️💪🏼

I learned ways to be firm without screaming, spanking, etc.

💥And these new refined strategies brought awesome results!💥

I started seeing my child more cooperative, &
I felt more joy and ease because the strategies worked!

I felt calm & confident, because these strategies aligned with my values AND had firmness added (so it was no longer lopsided).

With these strategies in hand,
✔️ stress feels light.
✔️ I feel grounded and strong.
✔️ I honor both my child’s needs and feelings, AND my own.
✔️ And most of all, it feels sustainable.

✨Welcome. This is Sustainable Parenting.✨

✨If this aligns for you, let’s connect!✨

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