Hello, my name is Flora McCormick and I’m a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Parenting Coach and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant.

Sustainable Parenting in not just another toolbox of parenting tips & tools. It’s the community of support that really makes parenting more sustainable. And Flora is here to be your number one cheerleader! Along the journey, you will have a transformed perspective and focus in parenthood, that no longer is stuck on daily struggles. In today’s lingo, “sustainable” is a word that can mean eco-friendly, “green”, or good for the environment.  In this case, it means finding a solution that will be effective for positive long-term results.  We help you find more joy in parenthood today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Sure – yelling, nagging and punishing can change behavior in the short term, but those parenting tools usually lead to sneaky or aggressive behavior, low self-esteem, and dependence.  In Sustainable Parenting, we focuses on how to raise a healthy adult (that’s the whole point of parenting anyway, right?!).

With record numbers of 20-somethings living with their parents in 2014, now is the time to start preparing your child for the independence and positive life/social skills. Start Sustainable Parenting today, and you will have the tools to raise a child that is healthy (socially/emotionally), self-directed, respectful, and fun to be around! Sustainable Parenting will give you tools to raise an assertive, confident and self-directed child that you will enjoy for years to come.


  • I live in Montana, with my husband and 2 young children. Amazing summers, but cold long winters.
  • I am the youngest of 3 kids, raised by an amazing single mom. I have HUGE respect for single parents.
  • One of my proudest awards is the “Golden Scrubbie Award” I got my sophomore year of college, for being the best dish washer in the dining commons.  Looking back, I’m super proud that was able to give my best, even in a very unglamorous job.  Hoping to teach my kids to do the same.
  • I LOVE to dance and Thrift Store shop! I have been dancing since I was a toddler, and began choreographing on the playgound at age 8.
  • I have 2 very different children – One that is adventurous, flexible, competitive, quick to make friends and abounding with joy.  The other is caution, slow-to-warm-up, incredibly empathetic, sensitive to being hungry/tired, creative and resourceful. Those words of course can’t fully capture their unique personalities, but I share this just to say that every kid is unique and each will interact with the world, and your parenting so differently.
  • My favorite foods are peaches, brownies, spaghetti with meatballs, and zucchini bread.


2017 Bozeman’s “20 Under 40” Recipient

Acknowledged for outstanding contributions to the community through business and volunteer leadership.

2017   Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

Offering tools for early childhood educators through workshops and individual consulting, to support the social-emotional development of children 0-6.

2011    Sustainable Parenting Established

Parent Coaching Workshops & Private Practice in Bozeman, MT

I moved to Bozeman with my husband (2 weeks before our wedding), and started Sustainable Parenting – offering workshops and counseling for families and children ages 8 and up.

2012   Young Careerist Award

Bozeman Business and Professional Women

I graduated from Western in Portland, Oregon. After 2 years of practicing under the supervision of a licensed counselor, I earned my license as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC).

’03    Local Chapter President

Bozeman Business and Professional Women


During my counseling education, I noticed that parents often brought their children to counseling, but didn’t want to spend much time learning how THEY could change. I grew to feel strongly about how important a parent’s words and actions can be – for a child’s improved mental health or behavior. So, I found myself striving for more and more time with the parents of the children I was seeing. Once I was licensed and opened my own practice it was solidified – I would only see a child for counseling if I could first meet with their parents for an undefined amount of sessions, to discuss all the steps they could be taking to create an environment for their child to thrive. This often meant helping them to heal from past pain, rebuild from hurtful generational habits, and learning tips and tools to hold kind and firm structure along with nurturing a supportive relationship. Over the past 8years, that path has lead to the parenting workshops, blogs, podcasts and parenting tools I offer today.

After becoming a parent, I also realized how important it is to encourage and empower parents.  Parenthood is not just a role or responsibility.  It is a huge life transformation, that involves one of the most intimately challenging relationships you will ever have.  We have incredibly wise gut instincts to be effective, nurturing parents.  However, our life and family history may gum up those instincts from flowing naturally.  And we often put incredible pressure on ourselves to be “perfect” (whatever way we individually define that). With support, every parent can connect to their inner strength and wisdom, and provide effective and joy-filled parenting.