From Struggling, to Sustainable Parent.

Hi! I’m Flora. If we haven’t met yet – I want to tell you how I was drowning as a mama. 😩

I was always trying to be more patient. but I was so exhausted and frustrated,

I wanted to feel more control – over outbursts & melt-downs (from myself AND the kids).

The secret for me – was having the tangible tools and strategies to balance kindness and firmness at the SAME time.

I learned ways to be firm AND kind…and saw awesome results!💥

✔️My child became more cooperative,

✔️I felt more joy and ease because the strategies worked!

✔️I felt calm & confident, because these strategies aligned with my values.

✔️ And most of all, parenting finally felt sustainable.

✨And now I share these strategies with hundreds of parents every year.

Welcome. This is Sustainable Parenting.✨If this aligns for you, let’s connect!✨

The Sustainable Parent is tired of:

  • Daily battles and defiance.
  • Tired of feeling disrespected and ignored.
  • Losing your cool way more than we ever imagined.
  • Never feeling patient enough.
  • Fighting to get on the same page with a coparent.
  • Feeling hopeless that the family will ever change.

We are creators of new Sustainable Families.

The Sustainable Parent is:

  • Creating the better future you know your family deserves.
  • Having more FUN, JOY and EASE in family time.
  • Seeing respect and responsibility grow each day.
  • On the same page with your partners, trusting each other in parenting.
  • Feeling relief and responding more calmly.
  • Seeing our children blossom into their best selves.

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