Parent Coaching

Flora’s examples and instruction definitely helped me with how I relate to my children, how I understand their needs, and provided me with better mechanisms to react to the kids when they are upset, whining, or don’t want to do what I wish them to do. My kids are wonderfully behaved – but every now and again someone doesn’t want to listen. Understanding why and how to deal with those scenarios can help you be a less stressed out parent!

Flora came recommended to me by several professionals in the Bozeman, MT area. She’s a bright and cheery person and you can tell she wants parents to find meaningful ways to connect to their children to encourage proper behavior – without the parent losing control (emotionally or parentally).

Highly recommend any and every parent take one of her classes. You’ll learn that yelling and screaming work against you – not for you. Especially if you want your children to trust you and be open with you.

– Jeremiah


“This class packed a lot of good useful info into a short time! It was extremely helpful in learning how to talk so my son will hear me. Thanks – I loved it!”

“This class was very thought-provoking and enlightening.  I heard strategies I knew, but had the opportunity to apply them in ways that allowed them to stick in my daily practice.”

“This class was full of great ideas and I can’t wait to try them out.  I liked the idea of getting my child to think and reason and problem-solve so that she an accomplish what needs to be done and not feel like the golden retriever.”

“Flora was very inclusive and validating.  Many great strategies and tips.”

– Parents & Educators who have attended Parenting Workshops



Parenting Aha!

“Your tips are working well.  The kids are listening a little better but the big “aha” is that I am yelling less!  I am more aware and trying to slow down, stop and connect, and asking the kids what should be done (instead of telling them).  And they know the answer! I am interested in getting some more tips from her.”                                

-Bozeman Dad

Parents in 1-on-1 Coaching

“I would recommend Flora to everyone I meet.  She helped me very much & I’ve learned a lot.  She seems to really understand the way I feel.”  – MM (Female, Age 54)

“During this process, Flora was compassionate, patient, knowledgeable, as well as skilled in making our time together productive.” – Joy (Female, Age 40)

– Moms