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“I was a skeptic”

In the beginning, I was a skeptic. Could this Flora and her program really help a single mom with a co-parent who is not willing to participate? What I didn’t expect was a change in myself – a calm collection that I didn’t know could exist in parenting, and then it started to trickle down to my kiddo. Even though he only spends half his time with me and we will always be learning, the transitions have been getting consistently easier. There was a time when I couldn’t wait to drop him off with his Dad and now, I look forward to our time together and even miss him when he’s gone!

– LAUREN (Single Mama of 3 year-old son)

“I had tried so many different things.”

“For me, Sustainable Parenting has filled a void that I’d been searching years for. I was at my wit’s end. I had friends giving me advice, I’d read parenting books, I tried so many different things, but what do you do when your child doesn’t fit the cookie cutter mold? What do you do when you try what the books say, but you still can’t seem to make headway in your parenting? With Flora & Sustainable parenting you actually have someone who’s read all the books and shows you what to do when nothing else works. Her knowledge on parenting smarter, not harder, quickly became an invaluable resource to my parenting, and there’s nothing else quite like it.”

– Anna, Mother of 2 under 5

“I was at the end of my rope.”

Before sustainable parenting I felt at the end of my rope, like I was failing as a mom and that my patience was depleted. I felt that I was yelling more than I was experiencing joy and I felt like I had no control over how to make it better. A friend of mine suggested checking out the SP Masterclass which was amazing! From there I decided to dive in deeper and join the SP Transformation for more connection with other moms and more time learning from Flora. The difference that we have experienced as a family is significant. I no longer feel like I’m living out the definition of insanity. Instead I feel more confident, kind, clear, and calm. We still have our moments but we have resources to help us get through. – Dawn, Mother of 2 girls – ages 5 & 9

“This program saved my sanity & helped me enjoy being a mom!”

Sustainable Parenting has given me confidence and tools to use. The first thing that drew me to this program was that I was being taught exactly what to try and then was able to adapt it to work for me and my family. It was so nice to be given real tools and quick things to say to keep things moving in the right direction. This program has saved my sanity and has made me enjoy being a mom!

– Leah (mother of 2 girls under 4)

“My husband said it was worth every penny!”


“We used to say we felt held hostage by our 3-year-old.”


“This got us on the same page, and has given us hope. Even bigger, it’s helped me uncover & heal my own personal patterns.”

-Molly & Chris

“Knowing how to calm upsets, and not butt heads with my daughter, has been amazing.”

Zack & others

“I noticed these things working, within minutes!”


“It’s made such a difference!”

– Kaylynn

“I Couldn’t Believe How I Was Calm, Without Event Trying To Be.”


“Seeing that closeness with my kids, that’s what I wanted.”

– Angela

“I felt more frustration than happy times, and nothing was working. I wanted more fun. I HAVE that now!”


“The mindset shift has been lifechanging for us.”

– Karen

“I didn’t know how to be firm, and enforce the boundaries in a way that was both kind and productive. I was sending mixed signals.”


“I feel so proud of how I am able to respond now, instead of losing my sh&%t.”

– Abby

“We weren’t in chaos, but needed some tune-ups.”


“When it worked that fast, I was like, ‘ok. I’m sold’.”

– Shannon

“THIS helped me parent in a gentle way that works & is ALIGNED with our family values.”


“Before this, I was questioning if I’d ever be good at this mom thing.”

– Dawn

Flora’s Google Reviews:

Flora has changed my life as a mom!! I went from having daily struggles switching from yelling to giving in (because I felt guilty for yelling) to understanding how changing my behavior actually changes my kiddos behavior. I now have a tool for almost every behavior….and if I use them…they work!

Abby Rokosch
Single Mom of a 7 year old girl
This has been an amazing journey thus far for our family of four! We have an almost three year old and we started having behavior concerns around two. Just some growing pains as new parents and didn’t know where to go for help. We knew what we were doing wasn’t working. I got a referral from a friend on Flora’s course. We now have amble tools in our tool belt. Our days go much smoother than before. We had to learn to regulate ourselves before responding to any sad behavior. So worth the effort and time. If you find yourself on the struggle bus in a cycle of flight or flight this course will help.
Victoria Rosenberger
Mother of 2 kids under 3
Where do I even begin… Flora was a GAME CHANGER for our family. When we signed up for Flora’s Sustainable parenting class, we had just become a family of five, welcoming in our third son who, at the time was barely 6-weeks-old. Bedtime was out of control and our 5 and 3 year olds were struggling with sleep. After working with Flora, we were able to get our kids on a a regular bed time and my husband and I were finally able to get our nights together back! We highly recommend Flora for ANY of your parenting struggles.

Ellie Van Dyke
Mother of 3 boys
Flora has helped our family tremendously. We started her program back in January 2021. Our kids were 3 and 5 at that time. Though our kids needs have continued to change and grow, we feel much more equipped to handle the challenges they throw at us thanks to the tools Flora has taught us. The community aspect of the program has been so phenomenal. I now find that the tools I’ve learned have even helped me as our kids are developing close friendships. Dealing with issues that come up, even with other people’s kids, is so much less intimidating than it once was. Thank you, Flora, for helping us also learn how to manage ourselves so we can be the parents we want to be.
Ashley Rowell
Mother of 2
Flora and her program/support/tools/ strategies changed the trajectory of our parenting. We completed Sustainable Parenting and continue to learn, but are now more confident and calm.
Lauren D.
Mother of 3 y.o. boy
Flora’s Class and coaching have been such an asset for our family. The mindset shifts and tools have helped us when we didn’t know what else to do. I think back to her trainings daily in my mind and love that we have access to go back and review things that we forget. Thank you Flora!
Rachel H
Military Mother of 4
Flora’s coaching with Sustainable Parenting has helped me to be more proactive rather than reactive as a parent. Simple tweaks over time can help over the long term to lessen the struggle and gain a new perspective.
Lenya V
Mother of 2 boys under 9
Flora McCormick offers practical and actionable parenting support. Her coaching is heart centered and solutions oriented. I HIGHLY recommend her and have referred several of my friends.
Lisa J.
Mother of 2 boys under 9
Flora will change your parenting to be more sustainable, by using a plethora of techniques, critiques, and tips! It takes a village!

Jessie Watson
Mother of 6 and 1 year old boys
My experience with Flora has been incredible. Her guidance and support has been so valuable and she has equipped us with the tools to better our family and provide a loving environment for our children, while setting necessary boundaries. I cannot say enough about the positive impact she has had on our family!
Becca G.
Mother of 2 kids under 5

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