Calm &Confident

Introducing: the Sustainable Parenting Transformation!

Finally hold the secrets to regret-free parenting.

Sustainable Parenting creates a new norm, where the kids actually listen & you feel calm & confident (in just 120 days). You get:

  • The SP Stress-less Pyramid: my 4-tiered framework so you know exactly what parenting tools to use for virtually any behavior, eliminating the chaos & confusion for even the busiest parent.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the SP Transformation course.
  • 4 months of Weekly Group Coaching Calls (Mon. PM or Thurs AM).
  • 1:1 Personalized guidance from Flora (30 min sessions) catered to your schedule.

And the best part is you don’t have to wait!

Start today, to have an improved relationship with your child, where you enjoy being a parent, and you are on the same page with your partner.

“You will wish you had started sooner- reach out to her soon!” – Rachel

“I cannot say enough about the positive impact she has had on our family!” – Becca

I am guessing you’re here because

parenting hasn’t been quite what you imagined.  

Somewhere along the way your days got filled with:

  • Power struggles & emotional blow-ups .
  • The kids demanding, refusing, whining & not listening.
  • You feeling exhausted, frustrated & overwhelmed.

You might have even said to your partner, “This isn’t Sustainable.”

And being the smart, resourceful mama that you are – you likely have reached to books or Instagram, hoping to find the help you really need.

Only those isolated, generic resources leave you feeling more lost and confused than before.

It’s not your fault.

What’s missing is a REAL person, and a REAL community supporting you, encouraging you, and building up your unique strengths.

What if you knew…

exactly what to say and do,

to melt your child’s resistance, and quickly get them listening, without losing your temper?

Change IS possible! The opportunity is right here, for you to have:

  • More EASE each day, because kids are staying in their beds, listening the first time, and solving problems together.
  • JOY – with an improved relationship that allows you to be your child’s ally instead of their enemy, during moments of upset and conflict.
  • RELIEF, because you are not alone. You have a mentor and community of other parents who are real, relatable and supportive.
  • CONFIDENCE – having a super effective toolbox of ways to help children (& adults) manage emotions, solve challenges, and grow respect, responsibility, and kindness.
  • TEAMWORK, easily get on the same page because the program approachable & doable, even for the busiest parents, who are ready to find a balance of kindness & firmness at the same time.


Everything you’ve been missing


The Sustainable Parenting Transformation

  • Simplified systems for efficient parenting.
  • Support: Connection, Encouragement, Accountability.
  • Expertise you can trust.
  • Improved relationships in 120 days.
  • Doable learning: Self-paced videos, evening coaching calls, and access to Flora every step of the way.

Available for a limited time, for $2700

(or 6 payments of $465)

What will I learn?

With Sustainable Parenting Coaching,

you master the signature “C.E.O” Formula.

This formula equips you to know what to do first, and second, and third to be effective in virtually every challenge you face with children age 2-10.

Learn How To:
  • Be predictable, effective
    and empathetic.
  • Calm blow-ups & upsets,
    in minutes.
  • Name and tame your child’s big feelings.
  • Maintain a loving relationship,
    while also holding boundaries.
Learn How To:
  • Have your kids listen the 1st time.
  • Prevent 50% of power struggles
    and negotiation battles.
  • Use positive feed-back loops to
    get cooperation. 
  • Grow your child’s emotional maturity.
Learn How To:
  • Keep boundaries consistently.
  • Be the compassionately powerful leader, & the kids respect you.
  • Use consequences and “after-the-upset” discussions effectively.
  • Get on the same page: parenting with kindness & firmness at the same time.

Options for every budget:

You May Be Wondering….

Parent coaching is the newest state-of-the-art approach to improving family dynamics & relationships. Counseling often requires leaving your home, taking your child out of school, and only supports you 1 hour/wk.

Parent Coaching is 100% virtual, with evening and morning coaching

“Some people take tennis or violin lessons. I take parenting lessons….The value I get from it is priceless.” –

Set up a FREE 30-min clarity call with Flora!

She offers this call to be sure to learn more about your family, answer any questions you have, and recommend other modes of support if those seem appropriate, based on her 12 years of clinical experience and training.

Those that are able to have their partner involved enjoy the benefits of improving teamwork and parenting on the same page. However families where just 1 person completes the mentorship have still seen dramatic changes.

On average – it’s an investment of 2 hours/week, with a ton of flexibility for when you fit those 2 hours in.

This program offers 1:1 Coaching, Group coaching and self-paced learning, so that it can be customized to fit each family’s schedule.

The Sustainable Parenting Mentorships are not best if you are seeking support for:

Abuse, Neglect, drug/alcohol abuse in the home.

Children over Age 12.

When you step into this support, you are taking full responsibility for your own side of success: attending the coaching, and listen to recordings and lessons. I also take full responsibility for bringing 100% of my support, encouragement and expertise. You get an expert in your pocket, every step of the way.

After surveying 100’s of families who have completed the mentorship programs – Sustainable Parenting has a 96% satisfaction rating from all clients!