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We Help You Unlock The Calm Confident Parent You Always Wanted To Be.

Are you tired of battles & upsets stealing your family joy?

Do you feel stuck in a cycle like this?

  • Cycling between “Gentle mom” & “Yelling Mom“?
  • Constantly battling with your child, because they won’t listen?
  • Arguing with your partner about 1 person being too soft and the other being too scary?

Do you long for a harmonious and thriving household, that feels connected & calm?


I’m honored to be able to support you, as you are holding the most important treasures of all.

Flora’s parent coaching programs offer the transformative guidance you need to create lasting positive change within your family relationships.

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent coaching is the newest state-of-the-art approach to improving family dynamics & relationships. 

Sustainable Parenting Group Coaching is 100% online (with face-to-face meetings over zoom), to make it SUPER convenient in your busy life. No need to take time off work or deal with traffic, to get to the BEST support possible.


Calm Confident Parenting

Here’s how parent coaching can benefit your family:

  1. Parenting Confidence: Parenting can be overwhelming, especially when faced with challenging behaviors or sensitive reactions from your kids. Flora’s coaching empowers parents, boosting their confidence and helping them navigate parenting with clarity and purpose.
  2. Individualized Support: Every family is unique, and Flora’s coaching tailors guidance to fit your family’s specific needs, strengths and goals in a personalized manner.
  3. Positive Behavior Reinforcement: Encouraging positive behavior is essential for creating a nurturing family environment. Flora’s coaching offers techniques for reinforcing positive behaviors, building on the strengths you have, and fostering a culture of appreciation and encouragement in the family.
Get on the same page

Here’s how parent coaching can benefit your marriage:

Did you know most divorces happen between year 3 and 7 of marriage, and just 4% of couples divorce after 10 years of marriage. That means, if you can figuring out the biggest challenge of those first 7 years (raising kids!), you are likely going to have a lasting marriage.

Parent Coaching Gives You a Fast Track to:

  1. Effective Communication: Communication breakdowns are often at the heart of marriage conflict. Flora’s coaching equips parents with the tools to communicate effectively with their children, fostering understanding and connection.
  2. Conflict Resolution Skills: Arguments and disagreements are inevitable in any family, but learning how to resolve them constructively is key. Our coaches provide strategies for navigating conflicts peacefully, teaching both parents and children valuable conflict resolution skills.
  3. Reduce Stress: You get a PLAYBOOK with secrets and shortcuts to actually achieve more joy and ease in parenting (and easy fridge reminders of these tools). Clients armed with this playbook and the coaching support, have felt more cooperation and calm within the first few weeks!
  4. Get on the Same Page: Flora’s strategies guide you to parent with kindness and firmness at the SAME time, so instead of arguing over parenting, you are a team that is BOTH consistent, kind, and clear.


Thriving Relationships

Grow Positive Family Relationships

Here’s how parent coaching can benefit your kids:

Sibling Problem-solving: Through our guidance, families see children beginning to solve their own conflict, and playing together with less fights.

Sibling Bonding: Strengthening the bond between family members is at the core of our coaching philosophy. We prioritize realistic ways to have quality time with each child, so they aren’t fighting over who “gets mom/dad”.

Restored Relationships: End the battles and power-struggles that are stealing your joy, with Flora’s 3-step recipe for responding to Resistance, Emotions & Defiance.

You May Be Wondering….

Yes (for 1:1 sessions) – BCBS or Pacificsource is accepted (for clients in Montana). Schedule a 1:1 session – with your insurance benefits here.

Those that are able to have their partner involved enjoy the benefits of improving teamwork and parenting on the same page. However families where just 1 person completes the mentorship have still seen dramatic changes.

Set up a FREE 30-min clarity call with Flora! She offers this call to be sure to learn more about your family, answer any questions you have, and recommend other modes of support if those seem appropriate, based on her 15 years of clinical experience and training.

On average – it’s an investment of 2 hours/week, with a ton of flexibility for when you fit those 2 hours in. And the average length of working with Flora is 3-4 months. Coaching program offer 1:1 Coaching, Group coaching and self-paced learning, so that it can be customized to fit each family’s schedule.

The Sustainable Parenting Mentorships are NOT best if you are seeking support for: Abuse, Neglect, drug/alcohol abuse in the home, or parenting classes for divorce. Also this is not right if your children are over Age 12.

When you step into coaching, you know you are the only one who can truly own your success. YOU are the one that will make this change. However, Flora will give 100% of her time, energy and resources – to get you there quickly. And if you feel she is not meeting your expectations, you are welcome to cancel at any time.

What you get with Flora:

An Experienced

Flora has a master’s degree in counseling, 2 young kids, and 15 years of experience coaching and mentoring parents internationally. She is also an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant to many local preschools, monthly columnist for Montana Parent Magazine and guest instructor for Age of Montessori.

No “Should’ing”

You are always the top expert on your family and your own personal values.  Flora helps you personalize strategies that are kind and firm, so that you can be the best version of YOU, as a mama – instead of trying to fit into what others
say you “should” do.

Unique Sustainable Strategies

Flora has the unique ability to boil down parenting theory and psychology into bite-size strategies that are easy to understand and implement. She takes the best practices of parenting advice, and matches them with her experience as a mom, to give tools that work for busy parents.

Not sure if this is right for you?

Feel free to set up a FREE clarity call with me, so we can talk through the highest level of support, to restore your family harmony quickly

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What parents are saying:

“I’m more comfortable as a mom. It’s been a relief!”


“We’re having so much more fun, now. And more sanity at home helped me accept a higher role in my career!”


“It completely changed the atmosphere in our home!”


“I have a calm confidence I didn’t know could exist.”


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