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What is Sustainable Parenting

I help moms of young children shift from daily parenting overwhelm, to owning it! When you define your parenting values, and and use Sustainable Parenting tools to make them a reality, you have the key to grow your child’s long-term character, while experiencing more joy in parenthood each day. All without any form of shame or judgment.

We are a community – where you can find parenting tips and tools that really work, bringing joy to your parenting and long-term results.

Parenting Workshops available in-person throughout the year.  These are great for parents or educators (who can receive ECP credits).  Click to see the possible topics and fees to have Flora offer a parenting workshop at your location.

Parent Coaching is as unique as each child.  Tired of reading blogs or books and still feeling lost as to how it can work with your unique child? Parent Coaching is the answer.

Ready to take on each parenting day with more joy and success? Sustainable Parenting Podcasts and Blogs are here to support you each step (or crawl) along the way.


Her examples and instruction definitely helped me with how I relate to my children, how I understand their needs, and provided me with better mechanisms to react to the kids when they are upset, whining, or don’t want to do what I wish them to do. My kids are wonderfully behaved – but every now and again someone doesn’t want to listen. Understanding why and how to deal with those scenarios can help you be a less stressed out parent!
Flora came recommended to me by several professionals in the Bozeman, MT area. She’s a bright and cheery person and you can tell she wants parents to find meaningful ways to connect to their children to encourage proper behavior – without the parent losing control (emotionally or parentally).” — Jeremiah
“This workshop was eye-opening and inspiring – helping me put my priorities in the right place” Bozeman Parent
“This workshop was very helpful, beneficial and insightful. I loved it!
— Bozeman Early Childhood Educator
“This workshop was full of useful ideas for immediate implementation in helping to parent children in a more positive manner.”
— Big Sky Parent