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Finally be The Calm Confident Parent You Always Wanted To Be.

Welcome to

Sustainable Parenting

We give you ALL the support and strategies to be the calm confident parent you always wanted to be.

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Learn the Secrets to Calm Confident Parenting:

  • Parenting Smarter (Not Harder).
  • The Secret to Less Anger.
  • The Best Question to End Daily Battles.

Does it feel like being a parent
has brought you unexpected bumps?

  • Cycling between Gentle mode & Monster Mode, when the kids don’t listen?
  • Feeling regret for what you said or did that day?
  • Arguing with your partner about 1 person being too soft and the other being too scary?

Then Sustainable Parenting is Right For You!

Your life as a parent can feel

dramatically different

in just a few months.

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent coaching is the newest state-of-the-art approach to improving family dynamics & relationships. 

Sustainable Parenting Group Courses are 100% virtual,

with evening group classes, self-paced learning, and 1-on-1 personalized guidance from a licensed counselor.

“Some people take tennis or violin lessons. I take parenting lessons….The value I get from it is priceless.” – Parents.com

Real Change!

Finally hold the secrets to sustainable calm & confidence in parenting.

“My girls are listening more, AND I’m feeling more connected to them!

The tantrums aren’t as big, and not as many. And if they do happen, I know how to handle them.

Things are really coming together, and it feels amazing. So much progress, and there’s such a difference. 

We are better prepared and things are coming to mind more easily and more often. It’s been great.

My daughters are hugging each other more, they are solving problems more.

And I notice I’m remaining calm more, not flipping my lid as much.  My own stuff is shifting and I feel lighter.” – SP Transformation Mama

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What you get with Flora:

An Experienced

Flora has a master’s degree in counseling, 2 young kids, and 12 years of experience coaching and mentoring parents internationally. She is also a monthly columnist for Montana Parent Magazine and guest instructor for Age of Montessori.

No “Should’ing”

You are always the top expert on your family and your own personal values.  Flora helps you personalize strategies that are kind and firm, so that you can be the best version of YOU, as a mama – instead of trying to fit into what others
say you “should” do.

Unique Sustainable Strategies

Flora has the unique ability to boil down parenting theory and psychology into bite-size strategies that are easy to understand and implement. She takes the best practices of parenting advice, and matches them with her experience as a mom, to give tools that work for busy parents.

By the Numbers:


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What parents are saying:

“I’m more comfortable as a mom. It’s been a relief!”


“We’re having so much more fun, now. And more sanity at home helped me accept a higher role in my career!”


“It completely changed the atmosphere in our home!”


“I have a calm confidence I didn’t know could exist.”


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