Please contact Flora to discuss pricing and availability to hold one of these workshops for Parents or Educators in your location.  In Montana, Flora’s workshops qualify for ECP credits for Early Childhood Educators.

Positive Discipline (Age 2-8)

What is it? How do I do it? How can I be on the same page with my partner and other caregivers in the child’s life (grandparents, parents and caregivers). We will discuss 5 key ways to use routines, curiosity questions, “When/Then’s”, positive time-outs and playful interventions that will effectively motivate your child’s improved behavior.

Helping Children Manage Their Emotions (Age 2-8)

How to handle Tantrums, testing and emotional upsets. What are reasonable/age-appropriate ways to respond and how/when do you use consequences to respond to whining , screaming, hitting etc.

Taking the “Mean” out of Saying What you Mean (Age 2-8) Parents will learn how to have well-behaved kids with less yelling and fighting at home. We will discuss creative ways to encourage cooperation without yelling, nagging or lectures.
How to nurture Siblings without Rivalry

Strategies that will keep sibling rivalry and fighting within normal limits. Parents will learn when to get involved in children‘s disagreements, and how/when to empower the child’s problem-solving abilities.