I’ll give you simple, small shifts, that create a new norm -where the kids are finally listening, and you feel calm & confident.


Day 1: More JOY, and less upsets

✨You won’t wanna miss Day 1 – How to have more JOY (& less upsets). I’m giving you:

  • 🌟The top secret for how to improve challenging behavior.
  • 🌟 a super effective way to improve connection with your child (yes! Even that child you knock heads with)And *pst*…quick secret. I’m giving 3 Starbucks gift cards to 3 of today’s LIVE attendees.

Day 2: How to Get Kids to Listen in 10 Seconds or Less

Day 3: The best-kept secret to stop losing your temper

  • A Key mindset shift to eliminate mom-guilt.
  • A tool for more cooperation (since I’m guessing that’s likely a key reason you lose your temper)
  • Tangible tools that get silly/resistant kids listening.

Day 4: Parenting Smarter (not harder) for amazing long-term results

Ready to be the HERO of your story? Let’s get you there, together!

Let’s do this!

You CAN do this.

My friend, it’s decision-making time. You can stay stuck in old habits, or you can choose to move forward, with new strategies and support for change!

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“I left my clarifying call feeling so positive and with some amazing tools to get started on my journey of parenting in a way that is WAY more sustainable!”

– Sara Brendal