Day 2 REPLAY: Parenting Smarter (not harder)

❤I’ll uncover the top 3 errors that keep most well-meaning parents in daily overwhelm, frustration & chaos (All the opposites of Calm Confidence).

❤The road to shifting out of those errors, quickly and simply.

❤When you complete your Action Step each day, I’ll send you a bonus! *email me at contactflora at

Day 2 REPLAY: The Secret to Less Anger

❤A new way of understanding your child’s resistance.

❤Effective strategies that prevent 50% of power-struggles and negotiation battles.

❤Tools to improve challenging moments like Tech turn-off time, getting out the door, and bedtime.”

Day 3 REPLAY: The Best Question, to End Daily Battles

Day 3: The Best Question to End Daily Battles
✨We are giving you a clear, simple path forward into more joy & ease each day.

✨This question has the power to dramatically transform how you FEEL as a parent.

✨Today will be offering a time-sensitive announcement, you won’t wanna miss!