Imagine what will be possible
when you are no longer stuck in a cycle of frustation, blow-ups and guilt - and instead can handle difficult moments with calm and ease!

Imagine what will be possible
when you are no longer stuck in a cycle of frustation, blow-ups and guilt - and instead can handle difficult moments with calm and ease!

Successfull stories
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Forever grateful
Flora has been such an inspiration and mentor for me throughout this experience! I’m so grateful for your guidance and genuine vulnerability in this process.
Side note: I went to one of Flora’s workshops about 7-8 years ago for help with my behavior toward my nephew and it changed my entire perspective on how to approach children. I am forever grateful for her support!!


My world has shifted!

My world has shifted! The way interact is different and better. I used to feel like a meltdown from my kids was like torture and now I am viewing it as a teaching moment and a way to show them I can love them through it. My whole family has seen a difference in the kids and myself. My dad told me that when I come home from work I am no longer looking I am starting my next job but happy to be home and ready for an evening with my girls. We still have struggles but some of the most annoying things have totally changed and that makes it so much easier to stay calm and handle whatever happens. My expectations are different and I know how to hold my boundaries with love and firmness. I realized my kids are developing normal and it was me that was inhibiting the learning on how to deal with it. I am so grateful!


Following through
But I set the boundary without thinking it through – just did it off the cuff emotionally. Normally I would have given in. However I held my ground thinking of this class and instead of saying, “it’s not a big deal, stop crying because you’ll be back to play with them” I said “it was so sad to leave toys and must be frustrating” I gave him a hug and then said “maybe we could swap toys. Bring a bin of toys to Nanas and then he could get them.”
I was prepared for a scream fest all the way home. But no, tantrum done in 2-3 minutes and left with a happy little boy who was disappointed but had a plan. So yay! The principle worked even when I just off the cuff said no and had to follow through.

Shannon (mother of 2)

Less stressed out

Flora’s examples and instruction definitely helped me with how I relate to my children, how I understand their needs, and provided me with better mechanisms to react to the kids when they are upset, whining, or don’t want to do things.  Understanding why and how to deal with those scenarios help me be a less stressed out parent!


Real parents
having dramatic transformations in just weeks.

This coaching is interactive and responsive to each person that joins. The group size is limited, so members get REAL life, personalized support.

PatiencePatience without effort.

The first time I used one of your tools, I felt patience! And I didn't have to do anything (else). I feel like that - for me - is one of the best gifts and results of this, because when I'm calm my whole household is more calm.

KAYLEE (mother of 5 and 7-year-old boys)

EMPOWERMENTBoy mom with a game plan!

Today we avoided a huge meltdown because I used the tactics we talked about on the phone. It was amazing. He yelled twice, I lost my temper the first time so I walked away to reset. He tried again and then I had my game plan and within 30 seconds we were back to normal and he was happily cleaning up the mess he maid. Amazing!

Shannon (mother of 3 year old boy)

CONFIDENTComfortable and confident!

We’ve had some usual behaviors, but just knowing how to better deal with them has been a relief. I’m feeling more comfortable and confident, and nipping things before they worsen and shorten my patience.

ANNA (military wife & mom)

WELL WORTH ITWorth every penny!

The first call alone was worth the investment. Thank you!!!! Super powerful! And we are finally getting sleep each night.
My mission is to help busy moms and dads to know a way of parenting that is LESS-stress (not stressful), while parenting young children WELL.
It's simple - Not complicated.
It's easier - not harder.
It actually takes LESS time to be a good parent, who is raising a child that is equipped to thrive and be their best!
Let's stop over-parenting, causing a cycle where children are needy/demanding, while parents are stressed and overwhelmed.
Parents like YOU are improving the relationship they have with their child, while learning to parent smarter, not harder - in a sustainable way.