Many parents feel exhausted at the end of the day, and worried they are raising needy, demanding children, with out-of-control emotions. And most parenting advice seems to be 1 more source that’s asking parents to do more, causing them to feel like failures when they are already giving every ounce they have, to their young children.

It’s time for a new way of parenting – a stress LESS (not stressful) approach to raising kids well. Sustainable Parenting is a connected, loving way of parenting that also provides kind and clear boundaries, you can enforce without being mean. I help parents to end the cycle of stressed-out parents who are raising anxious, needy, and demanding children.
It’s SIMPLE – not complicated
It’s EASIER – not harder
It takes LESS TIME to be a good parent – not more!

And all these tools will give you a new relationship with your young child, experiencing more joy and ease each day, with less tantrums, upsets, and demands – in just 3 months!
If you want to see how I get parents to stop over-parenting their young children (age 1-6), with the experience I have had as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Parenting Coach for 10 years, join the Sustainable Parenting Community.