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The Sustainable Parenting Essentials Course – 20% OFF Black Fri. Sale
Hear what parents are saying!

My sister is jealous!

“My sister is getting jealous of my parenting,  seeing how it’s working.
We definitely have challenges still, but we’ve regained control of the house!”
Jenny, Military mom of 5 and 8 y.o.

The magic you feel is incredible.

“The magic that you feel when you are able to actually calm your child down, and it works – nothing feels better than that.”
Stay-at-home mom of 2 girls

I know what to do in tough moments.

John and I am more on the same page. We know what to do in tough moments, and it’s working! Our daughter is more kind to her brother, and listening better.
Victoria, Mother 2

How will this help?

  • Learn new ways to parent smarter (not harder) for amazing results.
  • Discover the magic of parenting with kindness & firmness at the SAME time, so you set (& keep) boundaries without feeling mean.
  • Have powerful new ways to responding to crying, anger & upsets.
  • Get on the same page with your partner, both coming more to the middle place of kind & firm.
  • Have Direct Personalized support and guidance.

What will I learn?

How to honor your feelings AND your child’s feelings.

How to be more assertive, without feeling mean.

Out of struggle, and into calm.

Visual: Kindness & firmness at the SAME time.

Sustainable Parenting foundations for more EASE!

How to have compassionate power: Obedience vs. respect

CEO overall recipe to respond to virtually every instance in Resistance, Defiance and Emotional melt-downs.

Connection leads to calm. Connection leads to cooperation.

Mindset: Kind & Clear Doesn’t have to be Mean

How to keep calm, when your child pushes your buttons.

How do you know if you need more kindness or more firmness?

When we notice we lose kindness, likely we are losing firmness.

How do I follow-through without a time-out? New ways to craft consequences that work!

New phrases, that save time. How to encourage cooperation with kind/firm strategies

How to talk so Kids will Listen

How to tame Whining, Tantrums and other frustrating behaviors

A new attitude for those who are on pins & needles to avoid blow-ups or melt downs.

Step 2: Sustainable Parenting Skills & Your Pyramid for Change

How to Follow-through

Regulate, Relate, Reason

Super Effective Tool for helping children problem-solve

How to support feelings (not fix/rescue)

What’s happening in the brain: Anger Curve & Flipped Lids

How to respond in “Flipped Lid” moments

Whoah-low-slow response to calm an escalating child in 30 sec.

18 Ways to avoid Power Struggles

Taking the Mean out of Saying What you mean: Parts 1, 2, & 3

The Option to Upgrade to get MORE

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